August 9, 2017: Harvesting fresh vegetables every day.
Best to call or text ahead as hours of operation may vary, 905-984-7139
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"Little Billy", born March 28th to Marcy, fathered by Atticus.
This little wether is 3/4 Nigerian Dwarf and 1/4 Alpine cross.
He's happy, healthy and would make a great little pet companion goat.
Vet-checked, disbudded, dewormed. $150.00
Farm Fresh FREE-RANGE Eggs
Chicken eggs, mixed colours: $3.50 dozen
Please call ahead for availability...

Muscovy duck eggs: $6.00 dozen (limited)

Hatching eggs: may be available upon request for order, please call for pricing.


Firewood: $5.00 bag
Burns great, smells wonderful